Product Name: Stainless Steel Placard

Material: Stainless steel

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Custom-made Product: No

Application: hotel, ticketing, post office, temple, amusement park, and company etc.

Note: 5 With 7 kgs plastic base filled with concrete.

●Double sides are visible. 

●Draw out acrylic board from the top.

Sign Stands

Dimension: MY-712-2(28X35X120H)

Note: Panel molding, A4 paper.

Acrylic on the pump.

Sign Stands

Dimension: MY-712-5(28X35X120H)

Note: Panel fixing / bevel (A4 paper)

Acrylic on the pump

Sign Stands

Dimension: MY-701A-1(45X60X148H)

Note: Paper 40X50CM (plane plate)

Sign Stands

Dimension: MY-708A(50X19X127H) 36Φ

                   MY-708A-1(50X19X110~148H) 36Φ

Note: Retractable MY-708A-1

Sign Stands

Dimension: MY-705A(36X26X136H) 36Φ

                   MY-705A-1(36X26X110~155H) 36Φ

Note: A4 paper, Acrylic on the pump

Retractable MY-705A-1

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